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            Wechat Public Platform

            ABOUT US

            China's first Sino-foreign joint venture property insurance company,It is a national joint venture property insurance company jointly established by [China National Petroleum Corporation] and Italy [GENERALI GROUP].Strong cooperation,Strong strength.Excellent shareholder resources and a long history,Is the foundation of the long-term development of GENERALI CHINA INSURANCE.Since its inception in 2007,GENERALI CHINA INSURANCE has always been firm in its service concept,with the highest quality, most close to the customer demand for insurance solutions,determined to become China's first-class insurance company.

            CHOOSE US

            Official website reservation, offline insured,Affordable, Multiple indemnification for you to choose
            Quick insured
            Support WeChat online insurance, provide home card, policy delivery service,easy and convenient
            Simple claim
            Phone and WeChat multi- channel claims,small claims to enjoy quick claims channel
            Attentive service
            7*24 hours customer service, quality online


            Telephone:010-59601818  Zip code:100022

            Address:9th Floor, West Tower, Gemini Building, No. 12, Jianguomenwai Street,
            Chaoyang District, Beijing

            GENERALI CHINA INSURANCE BK ICP 11034667-1